Simon at Work

Friday, April 4, 2014

Simon had a checkup in SF today so afterwards we went to visit Daddy Ron’s office and have lunch with him. At Daddy’s desk.

I gave Simon the choice to go back to school or come with me to work and he said he wanted to come with me. So we went to get him his favorite pearl drink and I put on a movie for him on the iPad while I was working.

He watched “Frozen”, had a snack, did some Chinese character tracing on the iPad, went to watch Planes in the stroller, then fell asleep since he did not nap at all today.

After we closed, I strolled him all the way to the car in the parking garage and he hadn’t budged. I had to wake him up to get into the car to go home. Simon said later that he would go back to school next time instead of coming with me to work since it wasn’t as fun at work. At least he got to try it so now he knows work isn’t really fun for kids. School and home are better.

Simon’s bath drawing tonight. The green thing is a minion holding an ice cream cone and flower.

So Iris slept about 8 hours last night (8:10pm-4:30am)! I hope for a repeat tonight!

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