Birthday Party Fun and Iris Kitty

Saturday, April 5, 2014

So Iris slept about 7 hours last night (8:30pm-3:30am). It’s amazing to be able to sleep more than 4 hours straight but I wonder how long this will last…

Today Simon’s classmates had a birthday party at the PRAM Fieldhouse in Richmond. It’s a place where they have a ton of toys (looks like a preschool), a big playroom, a kitchen, and a playground in the back. Great place for a kid’s party. Iris Kitty enjoying the kid-sized furniture.

Simon enjoying the playground with friends.

After running around all afternoon, both kids were pooped on the car ride home.


Later on, Simon looking cool carrying his violin that he got from Grandma Chung for his birthday. He says he’s not ready for lessons yet though but maybe someday soon.

Last picture of the day of Iris in her Hello Kitty dress. It’s already too tight so this will be the first and last time she will wear it. She has so many outfits that sometimes she can’t wear all the “fancy” ones.

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