Simon Day 11 – Huntington Park, San Francisco

It was a nice day today in San Francisco. Simon spent most of the day sleeping. He looks like he’s posing for a photograph.

But also had some awake periods. We’re not sure what to do with him when he is awake as he hasn’t shown much interest in any toys yet. We basically just talk to him and try to get him to look at us. Ron speaks to him in Mandarin to get him started at an early age.

We took him for an early evening stroll at Huntington Park. It is located on California St, between Taylor and Masonic. It was a bit chilly since it was approaching evening do Simon was bundled up. Grace Cathedral is right across the street. The park itself has a playground for children with swings, monkey bars, etc. If we’re still living in SF when he’s old enough, I’m sure he’ll enjoy monkeying around.

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