Simon Day 12 – Visitors

Today Simon had a busy day full of visitors. First starting at 10am, Ruby and her daughter Amanda came to visit and brought us breakfast of some yummy Chinese breakfast buns. She brought us way too much so we have plenty of leftovers (BBQ pork buns,coconut buns, paper wrapped cake, pineapple bun, and raisin bun).

Next visitor was Vicki. Simon had just eaten so was fast asleep.

Then Virginia dropped by to see Simon too.

Last but not least, Patsy and Will dropped by to see Simon and entertain Misu. The cats have been a bit neglected since we brought Simon home. Simon takes up so much time and energy that it’s hard to find time to play with the cats. So it was good to have visitors today since they paid some attention to our kitties.

Simon was dressed up in another of his CAL onesies from Uncle Henry. He only has three, one is grey with “UC BERKELEY”, one is navy blue with “CAL”, and this is the white one with “California”.

Simon might have had too much excitement today as since late afternoon, he hasn’t been sleeping very well. Only about 30-60 minutes at a time then he wakes up crying for food and/or needing a diaper change. He’s been making funny noises and waking himself up as well. I hope he can go back to sleeping on his regular schedule by tomorrow. He’s been averaging 15-16 hours of sleep each day. We are using this iPhone application called “Baby Geek” to monitor is sleeping habits, eating duration and frequency, and number of diaper changes (pee and poop). It also lets you keep track of immunizations, developmental milestones, temperature, nail trimming, bathing, etc. Overall, it’s a pretty neat program.

He has his second pediatrician appointment tomorrow afternoon. I’m looking forward to meeting his new doctor. I also would like to find out how much he weighs, I hope he is gaining weight appropriately.

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