Simon Day 15 – Trip to Costco

We needed some supplies for home so decided to brave going to Costco for the first time with Simon. Since we were going around noon on a weekday, we figured it should be less busy compared to trying to go on a weeknight or weekend.

He was awake when we bundled him up in the car seat but promptly fell asleep after a few minutes in the car.

He slept through the whole shopping experience and did not even wake up when I enticed him with the all beef hot dog.

We made one more stop at Discount Builders Supply to pick up a few things to outfit our house for Simon. The cats have been trying to sneak into our bedroom where Simon’s bassinet is so we needed to add something to our door so that it would automatically close behind us and so the cats couldn’t push the door open. We ended buying a door pin with a spring that will slowly close the door and have some resistance so the cats can’t push the door open. We also bought a detachable shower head so it would be easier for us to give Simon a bath. Simon continued to sleep.

But promptly woke up when we arrived home and was hungry. After eating, he stayed quietly awake for a few hours.

Since he didn’t want to sleep, we decided to give him a bath and another change of clothes. Although he didn’t enjoy the bath, after it was done, he seemed to quiet down and went to sleep shortly after. I love the way he has his arms when he sleeps. He looks so relaxed here, like he’s lying on the beach sunbathing.

Or wide open and stretched out. Simon is starting to extend his legs straight so looks like he’s getting more used to being out of the womb since he doesn’t favor the fetal position as much anymore.

Hope everyone had a good St. Patrick’s Day! Simon didn’t have on a green outfit so I pinched his chubby little cheeks!

1 thought on “Simon Day 15 – Trip to Costco

  1. karla

    how on earth did you have enough energy to go to costco???? your l&d story brought tears to my eyes! im so glad you decided on the c section. it was just goin on for too long and must have been beyond physically and emotionally draining. Simon is so precious! i love when they stretch their ams out like that!

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