Simon Day 16 – Marathon Feeding

Simon was a bit difficult to take care of today. After sleeping for about 4 hours, he woke up at 4am wanting to eat. I breast fed him until he stopped which was until 4:30am. We changed his diaper then tried to put him back to sleep. Unfortunately his eyes were wide open and he started to fuss. Ron tried to calm him for a while but Simon wouldn’t have any of that. Since Ron hadn’t slept, I took over and brought him out to the living room to spend some time with him. He just wanted to look around for a while and breast fed again at 5:30am before finally falling asleep on my chest around 6am. I also fell asleep and didn’t wake up until about 8:30am when Ron’s parents came over with breakfast. He continued to sleep and slept about 3.5 hours!

Then throughout the day, Simon would sleep only about 30 to 90 minutes at a time before waking up wanting to eat again. I basically felt like I was marathon breast feeding. It’s been an exhausting day. I hope tomorrow morning will be better.

It’s impossible to be upset with his cute face. I love watching his facial expressions, especially the spontaneous little grins.

Simon also had a visitor today, Vicky X. came after work to see him and brought him some toys.

It was a nice day in SF so our apartment was pretty warm. Simon didn’t like being covered up so just let him sprawl out. Looks so comfortable doesn’t he?

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