Simon Day 22 – Relaxing at home

We’ve found that Simon has a hard time rolling his head from one side to the other when he is flat on his back (because he has a bit of a pointy head still) so today we tried putting him in My Brest Friend to see if propping him up a bit would help.

He seemed to like it and it was easier for him to turn his head from side to side to look around. I used this breast feeding pillow for the first 2 weeks when it used to take Simon more than 30 minutes on each breast. Now he’s much more efficient and only feeds about 10-15 minutes on each side so I hardly have time to put on the Brest Friend. I’m glad we might have another use for it. It is made of really nice, soft fabric and a sponge inside is really comfy.

Although I really love just taking a nap with Simon on my chest. He’s nice and warm… but he got a little too warm today, he got all sweaty and woke up for 30 seconds to cry and once I put him down on the sofa, he fell right back to sleep.

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