Simon Day 24 – Me and Biggie Pooh

Simon received a Biggie Pooh as a gift on my last day at work from one of my co-workers. Now that Simon’s neck is a bit stronger, we decided to pose him with Pooh (and Froggie)… and Simon is only about the size of Pooh’s paw!

Simon tried on some new outfits today. This triceratops in a bathtub is from Ron’s friend Doug R. Unfortunately, Simon wet himself so we had to change him. But he did have a very comfortable nap while dressed in it. Ron thought it so funny that he’s so relaxed and floppy.

We gave him a bath and changed him into a “I’m wild about mommy” sleeping outfit.

Although changing him into a sleeping outfit didn’t help him sleep. He stayed awake most of the evening but I hope he sleeps well tonight.

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