Simon Day 28 – Cluster Feeding

Today I think Simon had what most would consider a “cluster feeding” day. He started around 6:30am when he started his cycle of feeding for 30-60 minutes, falling asleep for about 45-60 minutes, and repeat. He had some times of alertness and when we had to give him a bath after he peed on daddy but otherwise, this feeding/sleeping cycle continued until 10pm when he seems to finally have konked out for the night. I’ve read that this may have to do with a growth spurt coming up. We don’t have an accurate baby scale to check out his weight but I estimated he weighs about 13 lbs based on the difference between my weight and my weight plus Simon (on our bathroom scale).

During the day, we tried having Simon sit up, propped up with the sofa cushions. His neck is much stronger but not really his back, he kept on sliding down slowly. Oh, and to note, after changing back to the Pampers Sensitive diapers, he hasn’t had one leak. We still have enough of these type of diapers to last for another month probably so we’ll have to see about switching to Pampers Dry Max when the time comes. I like the designs on the Pampers too, they are characters from Sesame Street, right now he’s wearing Elmo.

He’s so cute when he sleeps. He looks so soundly asleep but he will wake up pretty soon.

A close-up of his chubby little face. Poor little guy’s face is covered with baby acne (but should go away in another month or two).

Here he is snug as a bug in a rug. He is furrowing his brows as he is concentrating on pooping. Ron thinks this is what Superman looked like when he first landed on Earth as a baby wrapped in his blankie… we’re training him to be a superhero when he grows up!

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