Simon Day 29 – Grandma’s Birthday in San Ramon

After such a busy day yesterday, we were hoping Simon would have a good night’s sleep… it started out well when he slept from 10pm-2am but after waking up to eat and change diapers, he didn’t fall asleep again until 5am but slept until 8am. Ron took care of him for most of the time between 2 and 5am so *I* got a good night’s sleep. But I woke up at 7am worrying that Ron hadn’t slept at all and found him napping with Simon on the sofa so I sent Ron to bed and waited for Simon to wake up.

Simon started out the day with some exercise, we are starting to let him have some tummy time to strengthen his neck and arms. He basically does this exercise whenever he is laying on our chest but that’s at an easier angle then flat on his stomach. He didn’t really enjoy it that much and got kind of cranky after a while, maybe he just wasn’t in the mood… but we’ll keep on trying.

In the evening, we took a trip to San Ramon to celebrate my mom’s birthday at Koi Garden, my mom’s favorite restaurant. Simon slept on the way there and continued to sleep halfway through the meal.

He needed to release some energy so Ron helped him to practice standing. He’s very wobbly but his legs are pretty strong, he’s able to push off his feet to straighten his knees without much lifting assistance from us.

Simon’s first experience with a birthday cake… of course he’s not able to eat it yet but for sure next year!

We always have a good dinner at Koi Garden and great service. If you have a chance to visit, ask to try their lobster prepared two ways. The first way is served as an appetizer where the lobster tail is raw and sliced to be eaten as sashimi or to be poached in a light broth. The second way is the remaining of the lobster which is cooked into a Portuguese style rice which has a curry-like sauce. A very filling meal.

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