Simon’s First Christmas

Day 298 = December 25, 2010

Well, I didn’t want to admit it, but Simon is sick again. On Thursday night, he went to bed with a little bit of raspy breathing. On Friday, he had some coughs and sounded like he had some phlegm but he didn’t have a fever nor a change in appetite. Last night though, he woke up several times because he seemed to be choking on this saliva/phlegm that he wasn’t swallowing as he was asleep. But it didn’t deter us from having him open his gifts this Christmas morning.

Wrapped with care by Auntie Betty.

He wasn’t really that interested in opening his gifts though. He was more interested in the toys he already had so Ron and I opened the gifts for him. Thank you everyone for thinking of us this holiday season. We’ll put all his and our gifts to good use and I’m sure they’ll be featured on our blog sometime soon.

Thank you to Grandma Tam for this outfit for Simon that says “Baby’s 1st Christmas”. It’s a one piece suit that is complete with tuxedo looking shoes. Simon really liked the buttons on his feet so didn’t really want to stand up straight to take this photo. I had to trap him in between my legs to keep him still.

Simon’s happy mood didn’t last for long as his little cold seemed to become more intense. When we tried to put him down for his afternoon nap, he started wailing right away when we lay him down. We let him cry for a while before picking him up because lately he seems to have forgotten how to fall asleep. But this time, he really couldn’t sleep because he couldn’t breathe comfortably. Since he had already been crying, he had gulped a whole bunch of air so his stomach was also tight. I gave him a dose of simethicone drops to help with the gas and packed him into my Ergo baby carrier to try to rock him to sleep. He was pretty worked up so it took almost 10 minutes of walking and bouncing him to calm him down enough where he was no longer wailing. As he calmed his crying gasps, he was able to take some deep breaths and finally fall asleep. He had to sleep with his mouth open though since it seems like his nose is congested. We had tried a saline nasal rinse and we weren’t able to wash out the rinse from one nostril to the other so suspect his nasal passages are inflamed. But no fever thank goodness.

So poor little guy snored for about 75 minutes strapped to my chest. If not for my iPhone to read news and play games, I don’t know what I would have done while I waited for him to wake up.

When he gets sick like this, it reminds me that he is still a little baby and quite helpless.

But after his nap, he seemed a lot better. He still has a pretty bad cough. We went for a short walk to get out of the house and get some fresh air. We’d been cooped up in the house all day due to the rain but it was still cold out so we made sure to bundle Simon up. Here is Simon next to our apartment’s Christmas tree. They always set up decorations for every holiday.

We made a quick stop by Union Square for a photo opportunity with the palm trees and Christmas tree. There wasn’t much else to do since almost everything was closed except for a few restaurants, Walgreens, the movie theater, and Starbucks.

Simon’s new bear hoodie from Auntie Betty is super warm. It has this thick fuzzy lining, wind proof jersey material, and cute little hoodie with ears to complete it. I’d seen this when walking by the Gap store but never had the chance to go take a look at it. It’s adorable.

After our short walk, we came home and had dinner. Unfortunately Simon finished eating his dinner before we could finish ours so when he started fussing in his chair, we turned on the TV. Comcast On Demand has Sesame Street episodes that we’ve been playing for Simon sometimes when he’s at the dinner table. While this episode was playing, Simon suddenly started to giggle… Cookie Monster was on the screen. I wondered if it was a fluke so I rewinded it and played it again and Simon still giggled. We had to record it so played it a third time and he still found it funny, even funnier than the first time he saw it.

Little Simon seems to feel much better than this afternoon but only tonight when he goes to sleep will tell us if he is all better or not. Here is one last photo on Christmas Day, looking towards 2011!

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