Sippy Cup

Day 299 = December 26, 2010

Poor Simon has a runny nose. He did not sleep well at all last night. I think he woke up four times. I lost track because I was also very tired. He still has the cough and now he has a runny nose.

Surprisingly he has not lost his appetite. Today he tried the freeze dried blueberries and I’m not sure if he likes them. You can hear him chomp and it and crush them, they are quite fragile. He’s giving me this look here, saying “Don’t bother me, I’m eating”.

“Aw, shucks!”

We have started to try to transition Simon to a sippy cup and he is very slow to take to it. He likes to drink from a cup but that can get very messy if he pulls the cup towards him and we also have to hold the cup for him and tip it into his mouth. We’ve tried many variations of cups: ones with a nipple, the straw with valve type, the straw without valve type, the ones with a spout with valve, juice boxes, straws, water bottles, and now these disposable ones that also have a valve (but not that secure as it can still leak).

I think Simon knows to smile now when he sees the camera. Here he is actually sucking to drink the water but gets distracted when he sees I’m trying to take a picture of him. He seems to be slowly taking to these cups but when he’s feeling fussy, he just won’t have it and wants to drink from the bottle or a regular cup. I hope he won’t be one of those babies that won’t be able to be weaned from the bottle. I think we’ll have to try some breastmilk in the sippy cup to see if he would be more likely to drink from it. Maybe he just doesn’t like water.

Since we thought that Simon was having some indigestion and possible constipation, I cooked him up some apples, pears, and prune stew. He’s taken again to eating from a spoon (thank goodness!) and into trying new things. He ate some of this today and he did poop twice. Actually when he has been pooping, it’s usually 2 to 3 times a day now. I hope he’s absorbing enough nutrients. He’s tried some new foods recently too: whole wheat buns and fish balls (like the ones used for hot pot).

We went on a Costco run today and surprisingly it wasn’t busy there at all. We needed to stock up on food since our refrigerator and freezer is pretty empty. We also had to pick up some food for Simon since he can’t eat everything we do. But his front teeth are starting to show so I hope that means we’ll be able to worry less about what he can chew. Simon got his wish of all he wanted for Christmas were his two front teeth. We weren’t able to take a good picture since he’s been struggling when we touch his mouth and nose area (because of his cold) but we’ll try again soon so we can show off his little chompers. Here he is sporting his super cute hoodie. It may actually be too warm as he keeps on trying to take it off.

For Simon we picked up cheese, fresh blueberries, tilapia, and bagels. We figured we should try some new fish as he doesn’t like many other proteins right now except cheese. We’ll see how he takes to tilapia in the next few days.

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