Simon’s first movie

Day 95

We once again had to put Simon on his tummy to take a nap.  He had been awake for more than 2 hours already so was kind of fussy but wouldn’t fall asleep on his back.  There must be something about sleeping on his tummy that makes him feel like he is being held.  We let him fall asleep this way before moving him into the Baby Bjorn so that we could go out for lunch.


We had lunch at Rubio’s in the mall.  Simon’s ready to eat with his bib on and fork in hand!  At least he is having a healthy salad wrap.  He is starting to grip objects but not grab them himself, Ron put the fork in his hand and Simon just held on.


During lunch, Simon fell asleep so Ron had the idea to go see a movie while Simon slept.  He hoped that since Simon just fell asleep that he would sleep through the movie because the last thing we wanted to be were *those* parents that let their baby or kid cry during the movie.  So we walked over to the Metreon to catch Iron Man 2.

Overall, he did pretty well.  Simon slept through about 30 minutes of the movie before he woke up and started to fuss a bit.  Ron ended up having to stand in exit hall and watch the movie from there.  Simon wasn’t crying but every time it got really quiet, he would suddenly try to talk to fill in the emptiness.  Funny baby, huh?


Since it wasn’t opening weekend for the movie, the theater was not packed and we were able to sit near the aisle to make an easy exit.  So now we know it is possible to go to see a movie with Simon but he has to be in a good mood or napping.  Ron said Simon enjoyed watching the movie though, he likes to watch TV so the movie screen was probably just a humongous TV to him.

After the movie, we went to hang out in the mall for a while and Simon enjoyed people watching and a snack.


Don’t you love his little socks?  His feet are growing too big for them already!  Ron weighed Simon a few days ago and estimated he weighs about 16 lbs (7.3kg).  The next official weight will be at his doctor’s appointment in July.  He’s growing up too fast!

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