Sharp nails

Day 94

We try to trim Simon’s nails regularly but sometimes we might miss a sharp edge… so poor little guy scratched his cheek.  This one seemed deeper than previous ones as it didn’t just fade away, you could see broken skin.  He wouldn’t stop squirming for me to take a close-up but it is on his chubby little cheek.


In the late afternoon, we went out again for one of our walks.


He fell asleep again near the end of our walk but woke up a bit harshly as a street sweeper came by.  As it was approaching the corner we were standing on, his whole body tensed and jerked his head up and looked quickly left then quickly right but didn’t cry.  He kept on looking left and right as the street sweeper passed us by.  As we crossed the street, a man standing next to me told me that Simon looked really upset.  Poor little guy did not like being awoken so abruptly.  Although I’m always impressed that he can fall asleep while facing forward.

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