Simon’s version of clapping hands

Day 360 = February 25, 2011

Simon is really into electronics. He recently discovered his baby monitor which has an antenna that is easy to grip. Plus he always likes to hold onto Daddy’s keys.

Simon is enjoying fresh strawberries these days. Now he no longer likes grapes.

Plus he is eating peas and corn again too.

Daddy caught Simon making this funny sound in the car ride to pick me up. It’s kind of hard to describe, you’ll just have to listen. What do you think he is saying?

At daycare, they said that Simon is seems to be trying to clap his hands. They were playing the piano and singing. So at home we tried singing to him to see what he would do. We think he’s trying to clap or at least he’s having a good ol’ time waving his arms around.

Simon’s quizzical look…

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