Simon’s visit to Mt. Zion and “I can turn over!”

Day 119

I got a nice surprise today when Ron and Simon dropped by for lunch at my work.  Unfortunately he got a bit scared when my co-workers came to say hi to him.  Too many people at one time and I think he got overwhelmed so started to cry.  It took a bit for him to calm down in one of the offices then we headed down to the cafeteria to have lunch together.


When I look more closely at this photo, you can really tell that my hair is starting to thin out.  In the last week or so, when showering, large clumps of my hair fill the drain as I wash my hair.  I knew it was going to happen eventually but didn’t think it would be that bad.  My hair is a lot longer now but am looking forward to when my hair grows back in.

You can tell Simon is getting bigger when you compare Day 8 when he wore this outfit to today:


For most of the day, Simon was practicing keep balance while standing up.  Most of the time he was successful as he was leaning on the sofa cushions.


At times, not so successful…


Help me!

A video of Simon wobbling while standing (sorry, don’t know how to flip it, still getting used to videos on our camera and YouTube).

This morning was a bit easier to leave since Simon fell asleep shortly after feeding him so he was asleep when I went out the door.  I think if he was awake, I would have wanted to stay to play with him instead of catching the bus to work.  When I got home, Simon was awake so I got to play with him for a while and had a nice surprise!  He was able to turn from his back to his front without assistance.  He used to get his arm stuck underneath him and then get frustrated and cry out.  He did this a few times in a row.

A video of his attempts to turn over and finally success!

So we will have to watch him more carefully now as he usually takes naps on the sofa and since he is getting longer and also squirming around more, he might roll himself off the edge.

I can’t believe he will be 4 months old on Friday, he really is growing up so fast.  I’m afraid to blink or else I might miss something.

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