We are flying from SIN to ICN (Korea) to SFO. We almost didn’t make it because of our luggage situation… but luckily everything worked out and we boarded the plane in time and got all our baggage checked in after some repacking and having to purchase new luggage and having to convince the lady at the check-in counter that we weren’t going to pay $3000 to put our luggage on the plane! Yikes. We were stressed but very glad to get to the gate in time even after getting our duty free tax refund.

This was the first time I’ve been on Singapore Airlines and although the plane itself isn’t much different than other airlines, their in-flight entertainment can’t be beat, they have lots of current movies, current TV shows, and even older movies that I enjoy watching again. They have lots of foreign films too. I didn’t really sleep because there was so much to watch.

The food was okay but not the best airplane food I’ve ever eaten. I think nothing can beat business or first class meals.

We had a short layover in Korea so they made us disembark while they cleaned the plane before they let us on again. I’ve never had to do that before so it was a bit weird since the layover was only about 1 hour.

Almost home…

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