Koi Garden in Dublin

We arrived in SFO about an hour late but luckily for us, Ron’s parents live and work in Millbrae so they were waiting with us at their office. My parents were will them so they all came to welcome us home. On arrival in SF, some of our luggage was delayed and would be arriving on the next plane from Singapore. I think it worked out better that way or else customs may have wanted to search through our lugagge! We’d already gone through so much packing and unpacking in Singapore, I didn’t want to have to repack and unpack again in San Francisco.

I went home with my parents while Ron stayed with his so that he could pick up our luggage that evening. I didn’t sleep much on the plane so when we got back to San Ramon, I fell right asleep (after checking on my kitties of course!).

My parents woke me up to head out to dinner. My dad and my brother both had their birthdays last week so we went to have a belated birthday dinner at Koi Garden in Dublin.

We had peking duck, winter melon soup, mushu pork, fish stomach, and steamed fish.

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