Sketches at Robertson’s Walk

This evening for Friday Foody, we went to Sketches at Robertson’s Walk. They have make-your-own-pasta and make-your-own-pizza. There are two sizes you can choose from, something like hungry size and starving size. Ron and I thought the larger size would have been enough to fill both of us. We also ordered the fried squid, garlic bread, and panna cotta.

We sat outside at a fairly large table of maybe 15 of us and there were a few diners around us but the service was excruciatingly slow… ordering 2 jugs of beer for the table (at $19 a piece) took more than 15 minutes. The food started coming out sporadically as well, the appetizers came after the pastas and one end of the table got served completely before the pizzas came out. Then at the end, the waiter told us there was no panna cotta without offering an alternative.

It’s an interesting idea for a restaurant allowing you to choose up to 3 types of pasta, the sauce, and the extras (peas, chicken, olives, etc). But the portions are quite small in that the large one can feed one person. The pizza took forever to come out. The service was quite poor and this was a Saturday night. I don’t think we’ll be going back there again, I can make this type of pasta more easily at home myself. It was quite a humid and muggy night too, I wish they had fans outside.

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