Surprise Party and End of P4 BBQ

Today I had an early start at the Ghim Moh wet market buying fresh fruits for today’s party. Okay, not that early but I got there around 8:30am and bough some delicious apples, pears, pineapple, longans, papaya, bananas, grapes, dragonfruit, jambu, blueberries, strawberries, and corn (for tonight’s BBQ).

Joyce, Alex, and I schemed a bit in order to throw a surprise party for my boss and our friend Siew Woon. Her birthday is actually next weekend but since I’m leaving for the US and she’ll be at a conference, we figured that today was the only day that we could celebrate with her. We thought we’d make it a surprise as well. Joyce made up a good story to have Siew Woon come over to her place to have a late lunch so we set up a wine, cheese, fruits, and chocolate fondue lunch for us.

I went over to Joyce’s around 11am to start cleaning and cutting up the fruits and setting out the cheeses. Joyce was in charge of setting up the crackers.

Siew Woon was hapily surprised and very clueless about the surprise. The look on her face when she walked in the room was priceless.

We enjoyed only 2 out of 4 of the wines we got but thoroughly stuffed ourselves with the cheese, crackers, fruits, and chocolate fondue. It was yummy and fun. Afterwards, we still had some cakes from Canele: green tea, lychee, rose, and chocolate.

I had a little nap afterwards with Joyce’s bunny:

And yes, Alex was there too hanging out with us girls:

I got home around 7pm and Ron had already started to the BBQ. He put together this BBQ to celebrate the end of P4. He got some great meats from the Swiss Butcher and BBQ’ed up a storm. Some people brought some food and I contributed the rest of our cheese & crackers, fruits, and wine. We had our BBQ near the front entrance of our condo where there is a set of swings… I love swings and it’s been years since I’ve swung so I spent most of the night relaxing over there… it was too smoky near the grill area and there were too many hungry people…

But Ron really enjoys his BBQs… beer and steak is all you need…

We smell like BBQ now though… and have lot of ant bites! Those ants there are violent, we’re never having a BBQ at that area again, it’s like being eaten alive.

Ah, good day…

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