Sleepy Baby

Day 173

So Simon slept ~8 hours continuously last night, from 9:30pm to almost 5:30am. Not sure how it happened and how to replicate it so he will do it every night but also maybe sleep a bit longer. 5:30am is a bit early for me. I let him play in his crib for a little bit by watching and listening to his mobile then let him quietly play on his play mat in the living room. He went back to sleep around 7am and slept almost until 10am! Since then he’s been a bit sleepyhead all day, taking long naps and often. Maybe the warmer weather made him tired.

Simon’s morning smile… *melt*

His morning nap. He fell asleep with a pacifier in his mouth and holding this plush with both hands… but then he ended spitting out the pacifier and the plush lying on his head.

Simon with daddy playing in the mirror and trying on a new visor from Grandma Tam. This visor is either used for shielding baby’s eyes from the sun or else for taking a bath so that the water doesn’t get in his eyes.

In the afternoon, we went for a BBQ at our friends Patsy and Will. They just remodeled their kitchen (looks great!) and Patsy is taking on a new job in a week. I was anxious that Simon wouldn’t do well with a large party but was pleasantly surprised that he tolerated being held by everyone. He was only a little cranky when he got tired and maybe a little over stimulated but at least didn’t have any meltdowns.

After the party, we got home and Ron fed Simon while I cleaned up my baking mess. I had baked macarons for the party but they didn’t turn out how they should have so ended up being crispy cookies. But I did make a big mess in the kitchen and had lots of things to wash. While I was washing dishes, Simon finished his meal of pureed peaches and was rewarded with playing with the toys on his booster seat. Looks like he’s sitting at a desk at school.

Simon ate well today but didn’t seem like he drank as much milk as usual. We think it may be that he still feels full so has less appetite for milk. He hasn’t pooped since Thursday. Since we were a bit worried, in addition to his pureed peaches, Ron fed him some pureed prunes to see if it will get his gastrointestinal tract moving. My co-worker Jane had posted a video of her baby eating prunes for the first time and she sure had a funny expression… so I filmed Simon but he instead had a very eager reaction to the prunes, opening his mouth and eating it without too much fuss. He seems to really like them.

I will report on the effectiveness of the prunes.

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