Eating peas

Day 174

Simon is able to more effectively do some push ups with his arms. He hasn’t coordinated his legs yet so he moves backward instead of forward. How does that saying go? Sometimes you have to take two steps back before you move forward…

Check out Simon’s strong posture!

For lunch, Simon had peas. He didn’t seem to enjoy it.

Which is weird because this is the second time he’s eaten them. I think last time we might have mixed it with some fruits though so he didn’t mind so much. Ron said he had much funnier expressions at the beginning of the meal but this video captures his almost outright refusal to open his mouth to eat. His eyebrows are so expressive.

Simon and Ron went for a short walk in the afternoon and since it was such a warm sunny day, Ron had to find Simon a hat. He ended up choosing this foam visor which is actually used for bathtime. It is supposed to keep the water from getting into your baby’s eyes when you pour water over their hair. I love his big eyes in this photo.

After their afternoon walk, Simon konked out with Pooh watching over him. He still likes to sleep with a plush, I think it helps him to release the rest of his energy so that he can fall asleep. He’ll grab Pooh by each arm and try to stretch him out or wrap his arms around him and try to roll over or hold him by one hand and toss him around. It’s quite funny to watch him fall asleep.

Simon was konked out again when I came home from work. I thought it funny that he is crossing his ankles.

Eventually Simon did wake up to play with me. I found out he likes it when I make weird sounds. He tends to like “oo-oo” sounds like “Moo-Moo” and “poo-poo” but this was kind of new. I love his laugh.

Update on poop:
So we think the prunes worked. He pooped in the middle of the night but not sure if it was from the prunes or that he was just due to have a bowel movement. Since he didn’t finish the full portion of the prunes, we’ll probably let him have some more tomorrow night and see what it does if anything. At least he really likes eating them.

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