Day 37

Simon was a lazy boy today.  He spent the morning being a little bit fussy with some loud crying.  He must have tired himself out because he really did not want to stay awake.


Ron just trimmed his nails.


We’ve been trying to get him used to sleeping in the bassinet of his playpen.  He hated it for the first part of the day but in the afternoon he started to stay asleep in it.  We’ve been laying him down on our sofa to nap usually but thought he might not be getting restful sleep since he would only nap for short periods.  He does seem to sleep longer now in the bassinet and it probably helped that we put a piece of foam underneath the pad to prop his head up a little.  We’ve been watching him on the baby monitor to make sure he isn’t fidgeting too much.  This is night mode, still pretty clear.


When he was awake, Ron had him bouncing on his knees.  He’s starting to really look like Ron, don’t you think?

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