Lunch in Union Square

Day 36

We had been cooped up in the house for a few days so decided to go out for lunch.  I just did a generic search on Yelp for restaurants in our area and came across this place called Cafe Dolci that serves Vietnamese sandwiches (banh mi).  We decided to walk there and pick up sandwiches and walk back to Union Square to eat.  The place is really just a little hole in the wall, there is no seating inside and after you order, you basically have to wait outside since there is no standing room in the little store.  But they do take phone and fax orders so that probably helps out the people who work in the area.

I decided to try the BBQ Bacon Vietnamese Sandwich and made it a meal for $6.50 (includes bag of chips and can of soda).  This sign was in their store window, this would probably draw most people’s attention… aren’t most things better with bacon?


The BBQ Bacon is actually like the BBQ fatty pork that you find in most Vietnamese sandwiches, it’s red colored and very fatty.  It was full of yummy veggies except it wasn’t spicy enough, needed more jalapenos.


Ron ordered the meatball sandwich; chicken meatballs according to the guy behind the counter.  Ron was missing the spice too.  If we go back, we’d ask for extra jalapenos.


Simon was a bit cranky before leaving for lunch but he was rocked to sleep in the stroller so had his nap while we had our lunch in Union Square.


We went to a Starbucks to have some coffee and do some reading but Simon started to fuss after a while and wanted to go home.  Our life is being dictated by a baby… I hope he doesn’t get too used to that as he grows up 😛  I hope we haven’t spoiled him too much already…

Cafe Dolci
740 Market St

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