Smiling Bathing Beauty

Monday, June 10, 2013

Some strange weather we had this weekend… In the 100s on Saturday then suddenly cooler and windy on Sunday. It made for a confused baby with poor sleep. She made up for it today though with seemingly more peaceful naps.

To share some pictures from the weekend:

My kids hanging out. This little bouncer did not get much use with Simon but Iris seems to like it. It probably makes her feel like someone is holding her.


Iris’ morning nap in the bouncer. Her arms are getting chubby! What do you think she’s pondering?


Ron went out for the afternoon and I successfully got the two kids to nap at the same time :). I should have napped too but felt like I had to do a bit of house cleaning… (Simon’s head is visible in the monitor and Iris is sleeping in her bassinet.)


With the hot weather, Iris was sweating and sticky. She was due for a bath to wash her hair. She seemed to enjoy it more this time with the warm shower all over her body and a nice light soaping. Did you know babies collect lint between their fingers and toes?!

Relaxing after her bath in her Hello Kitty bath robe.


On Sunday, Iris and I stayed home and she started giving me these little grins. It may be hard to see but the sides of her mouth are turned up a little more than usual.


Simon and Daddy went to a park in the morning. Simon is having his snack here.

Then to see the movie “Epic” in the late afternoon. Simon loves popcorn and slushy drinks.

Simon is a bit of a copycat. I put this blanket around my shoulders today because it was kind of cold and he said he wanted a blanket too… So here is SUPER SIMON!

Iris, happy 4 weeks!


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