Pretty in Pink

Friday, June 7, 2013

Iris, pretty in pink!

Simon, grinning in green!


Today, the Chung grandparents came over for a visit and took Simon out to Napa to check out the grape vines at Robert Mondavi. Iris had difficulty sleeping in the afternoon after their visit but is quietly resting right now to make up some lost sleep. She needed more comforting than normal to fall asleep. I hope it’s just because she was overstimulated today and not a larger issue.

Last night was the first night that I did not sleep with her next to me. Recently there was a report that bed sharing by itself increases the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). You can read about it here. So this has made me a little paranoid about co-sleeping with her in the evenings. I usually end up falling asleep while she nurses and when I wake up after she falls asleep, I don’t want to disturb her by putting her back in her bed. So I scoot to the edge of the bed away from her so she sleeps in the middle. At times I find her next to me when she wakes up again asking for milk. She somehow scoots closer to me when she is hungry! I enjoy snuggling with her to sleep but I have to resist because I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if anything bad happened to her. But I wonder if that may have contributed to her having difficulty falling asleep today. Maybe she didn’t feel as comforted overnight and wanted to make up for it during the day? Not sure but we will see what happens tomorrow.

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