South Lake Tahoe Snow

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gone are the days of leaving at 6am to rush to the ski resort to get good parking and be the first on the slopes. Now with young kids, it’s leisurely get up, have breakfast, pack, and leave late morning and stop by Sacramento for lunch. How times have changed!

Iris lounging in bed playing with her big puppy plush.
What up dog?
We made it to Sacramento around noon and stopped by a restaurant called Ramen House Ryujin for lunch. One of the waitresses made this cute craft displayed at the register. So cute. Simon loves collecting pine cones so we will need to do this one day.
Their tonkotsu ramen with added corn. Delicious! The egg was a little sweet which was a bit weird and had a dark egg yolk which was slightly underdone. Broth was delicious and ramen noodles nice and chewy.
Ron ordered the tonkotsu with black garlic oil. The oil enhanced the flavor of the broth.
Simon enjoyed the chicken wings and noodles. Plus his apple juice. Once in a while, he has juice when we eat out and he looks forward to it as a treat.
Along the way to South Lake Tahoe, chains were required to drive through the beautiful fresh snow. Simon wanted to open the window for a minute to feel the cold air on his face and see the snow.
Our first stop in SLT was Safeway for supplies for the weekend. Everyone was happy to get out and stretch.


Then we checked in to our hotel and turned on the heater and fireplace.
We stayed in and baked a pizza, played Hi Ho Cherry-o, and watched TV.
Then it was lights out to get some rest before playing in the snow the next day.

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