Friday Night at Ruby’s Garden

Friday, December 6, 2013

Simon’s lunch of pizza rolls, edamame, apples, and grapes.

Near my work in the Temescal neighborhood, the first Friday of each month, many stores open late and sometimes offer special discounts or events. This evening we went to one of my favorite stores in the neighborhood called Ruby’s Garden where they had a sake for the parents and a magic show for the kids. Simon was excitedly waiting on their sofa for the show to start. It was definitely worth braving the rain to see his happy face.
Little lady Iris stayed at home this evening. She impatiently waited for us to come home. Around 7:30pm, she got quite upset when we weren’t back yet. She was all smiles when we finally arrived home.
Smiling Simon.

It’s a good feeling when both kids are happy.

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