Day 171

Today might be the last day that Ron will ever need glasses… BEFORE photo:

AFTER photo to be posted later.

I had the day off today to take care of Simon as Ron rested after his surgery. It was really fun to hang out with him all day. He is such a sweet baby. I always just want to kiss his chubby little cheeks. From this photo though it seems like he’s getting sick of me always kissing him. Already acting like a teenager embarrassed by his mom.

Simon is learning how to grip harder so that he can hold this large round soft ball. He also can use those fingers to pinch you! His nails are a bit sharp right now so when he grabs onto me, it actually hurts. At his next nap, he will need a fingernail trim.

Simon showing you his “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” pose. He was sitting up playing with Moo-Moo then toppled backwards and got squished.

My spiderbaby sitting up on the bed.

It still amazes me he can sit up like this. Look at him grabbing his little feet! I can hardly stand it sometimes! I just want to kiss those chubby little feet.

I’m finally up to date! Sorry for those who religiously follow our blog. There are weeknights that I just don’t have enough energy to get to it. I usually go to bed shortly after Simon goes to bed! Figuring out a routine has been tough but I think we’re almost there…

Poop update! Don’t read below if not interested in hearing about poop!
I haven’t talked about Simon’s poop recently but actually it’s been pretty interesting. He was only pooping every 3-4 days after we started solid foods. From what we read, that is actually pretty normal but that doesn’t mean we’re still not worried. It’s actually quite funny how Simon poops. He will usually be playing in his jumper or exersaucer. Suddenly he’ll get really fussy and start complaining and straining and making “unnnhh” sounds. We don’t ever hear the poop but can smell something when we get close to him. Since he takes a few days to poop, it seems to be quite a large amount and is quite solid (at least compared to his watery poop before) but still soft. His poop does resemble the meals he had the previous days which is weird but also normal. I think he is getting more regular now though, pooping maybe every 2 days and even twice in one day! At least I hope it means he is more regular, I really don’t want to have to use suppositories on him. So for now, it’s apparent he hates the action of pooping but is getting used to it. It’s also a big cleanup for mommy and daddy as it can get messy depending on the volume and consistency.

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