Day 170

Just one picture today taken by me of Simon’s OOTD. He’s growing out of these shirts and we’re finally getting some use out of Huggies Jean Diapers. It’s been too cold recently to let Simon be only in a diaper but since it was warmer today, I thought we’d better use them before he grows out of them!

In the evening time we went to Inner Fog Wine Bar for a gathering to say farewell to our friend Patrick. He is moving to Singapore to marry his lady love and will be staying there for a few years to work then hopefully be on his way back to the US after a few years. We’re sad to see him leave but happy for him that he’s moving there for love and that we’ll have another reason to visit Singapore again. Vicki was the photographer for the evening so I’ll steal some photos to post here once she sends them out. The wine bar is pretty nice and cozy. Simon fell asleep for a bit but woke up and got a little fussy. He was probably wondering why he wasn’t in his bed yet. We didn’t stay out too late though so he wasn’t over stimulated and could easily fall back asleep in his own bed. That’s one thing I think we’re really lucky with, Simon can fall asleep at night on his own and can usually fall back asleep if he is startled awake for a moment.

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