St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is hardly recognized here in Singapore. I think only the bars and pubs have happy hour and discounts. People don’t even wear green here! Oh well, was too busy to go out and drink green beer tonight anyways.

I had my last Mandarin course for this level. We each gave a 3 minute talk and had a Q&A session after each person. It was quite difficult because you had to concentrate on everyone’s conversation to try to understand what he or she was saying.

Afterwards, since Ron was around the area meeting up with some other people, we had a quick bite to eat at MOS Burger. I don’t like eating so late but was too hungry to resist.

We tried their new Tako Cutlet Rice Burger. If you’ve never eaten at MOS Burger, the “buns” are made from rice. They wrap the burger in an almost “foam” material instead of paper. Kind of messy… but kind of like eating a fried takoyaki.

We also tried the garlic and lemon green mussels. These were super hot and not much garlic and lemon flavor but they were fried and still yummy.

MOS is a nice alternative to Burger King and McDonald’s.

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