Geylang Lorong 9

I spent the afternoon studying, can you believe it? It was nice though to have a hot latte at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Holland Village and reviewing some material for Joyce’s tutorial this coming week. Sometimes I miss studying… as long as it’s not for an exam.

In the evening we decided to check out Geylang for some good eats. My co-worker recommended some specialties such as frog porridge, beef hor fun, soy bean (dao cheung) with peanut dumplings and fried dough stick (you tiao). She recommend Lorong 9 as a place with all the good stuff.

If you didn’t know, Geylang is known as the “Red Light District” of Singapore. But even though it is that, I heard the food is very very nice.

We tried the beef kuay teow (aka beef hor fun). It was tasty but greasy.

We didn’t have a chance to try the fish porridge so we’ll have to go back another time. We wandered around for a while trying to find dessert but with no luck so I’ll have to ask my co-worker the specific stall for next time.

With all the wandering, we got to see some interesting things… there are many different types of women, lots of different betting games going on, bootleg DVDs being sold, and a lot of people just wandering around… It was a bit weird to see all this in Singapore… but it’s here. I think it’s one of Singapore’s well-known best-kept secrets (if that makes sense…).

But I do look forward to going back there to eat again…

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