Still a Starfish

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Simon is in the beginner swimming class called Starfish. The level before his is Guppy. After is Seahorse, Dolphin, Shark, etc (not in that particular order). Lessons are four times per week for two weeks. He received his excellent participation certificate today but isn’t ready to move on to the Seahorse class yet. He still has to work on floating on his back and front, using his arms to paddle, and doing what the teacher says. Even though he was probably a little disappointed to not move up a level (he really wants to be a Seahorse), he has a good time being in the pool.

Iris was a little fussy today about napping. She wouldn’t nap in her own bed and would only sleep while being held. Not sure why but I hope it’s just a temporary thing. Right now she is sleeping contently in her bed. I have a hard time resisting this face.


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