Head Up!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Iris exercising her neck muscles while lying on a Boppy pillow. She was able to do this for 1 second…

Then collapsing to suck on her hand. I think she is going to figure out how to suck her thumb pretty soon.

One of my favorite sleeping poses, arms up!

Iris was in a really good mood today. Smiling and cooing a lot. I think she is over her gassy stomach and slept well.

You can listen to Iris cooing:

Iris and I went for a walk around downtown Walnut Creek and even though it was over 100 degrees, it was good to get outside. I had an iced coffee and strolled about with Iris.

We did some shopping at Gymboree and although these looked cute, we didn’t get them.

But got Simon this awesome shark hat. It has a shark fin on top that you can’t see in the picture. He loved it and was eager to wear it right away.

I got to take Simon to his swim lesson today and saw how much he has improved. He is able to bob under the water to pick up a weighted stick, he can float on his back and stomach with assistance (before he would always bend at the waist), his kicks are much stronger, and he’s great at blowing bubbles. He still has a lot to work on but seems like he is better about listening to the teacher and learning.

Grandpa Tam came over for dinner and I caught Iris smiling in her sleep while he was holding her. I think she had a happy day.


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