Day 99

For the second time in a week, Simon slept 7 hours continuously.  Ron and I were both amazed.  It’s very encouraging that he will hopefully soon be sleeping through the night.  We didn’t do much except start a bedtime routine and let Simon naturally change his own sleep habits.  Simon did not really nap much in the late afternoon so was probably very tired but I’m still surprised he could stay asleep for so long.

In the morning, I love it when Simon stretches, it’s just so cute!  This isn’t quite his fully stretched position but it’s hard to catch.


We went for lunch at City View Restaurant for dim sum.  For some reason, Simon got really fussy inside the restaurant and started to cry uncontrollably.  We weren’t sure if it was because of the noise, the smells, or if he was just tired… it took me about 10-15 minutes to calm him down outside before I was able to go back to finish having lunch.  He fell asleep during the rest of our meal (but then ended up only sleeping about 25 minutes…)


Simon seems to be on a 48 hour schedule.  One day, he’ll nap a lot during the day then that night, will sleep 3-4 hour durations.  The next day, he’ll nap a lot in the morning only, take only a short nap in the late afternoon, then sleep 4-6 hour durations.  Since last night, he slept 7 hours, I’m expecting he will be waking up more often tonight but we’ll see.

This is the new wallpaper on my phone:


I love his big eyes!

4 thoughts on “Stretch!

  1. tiff

    heh heh i love the pic of him “holding” the dimsum basket with one pork bun in it~ =D cute! aww…he looks less like crayon shin chan nowadays…it’s the hair…i think… ;D doing anything special for day 100?

  2. Jenn T. Post author

    Hiya Tiff, nothing special for Day 100. Just picked up some official birth certificates for him. I’m a few days behind on his updates but just caught up!
    Do you think Simon still looks like Ron? My family has been saying he looks more and more like me nowadays.

  3. tiff

    hmm…still seeing ron…but simon is changing a lot and fast! =O cutie pie~ =D so i see you’ve gone the pooh route…is that simon’s fav?

  4. Jenn T. Post author

    I don’t know if Simon knows what Winnie the Pooh is. I think I like it more than he does! We’ve also started getting him Tigger stuff 🙂

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