Small Paul by Paul Frank for Target

Day 100

Today, June 10, 2010 marks Simon’s 100th day!  We went down to San Mateo to purchase some official copies of his birth certificate.  We haven’t had a chance to head down there since Simon was born but the certificate was available 2 weeks after his birth.  It was a pretty simple process of filling out a form, showing ID, and paying $19 for each copy.

First we went to have lunch and for some reason, Simon was fussy.  He was like this yesterday too.  Not sure why it’s been around lunchtime.  Maybe because we were eating at a restaurant so it’s different than the normal routine.  Eventually he was able to fall asleep.


We went to visit Ron’s parents and Simon was dressed to impress.  I’ve discovered Small Paul by Paul Frank for Target.  It’s much more affordable (this onesie was only $7.99!) than the Paul Frank store.  Although the material might not be as nice as I discovered a little hole already on this onesie, it’s still cute.


Or it’s the baby that makes the clothes cute?

Sleeping update:  Last night Simon slept 6.5 hours, woke up to eat, then slept another 3 hours.  Getting closer to consistently sleeping through the night…

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