Swensen’s Holland Village

Tonight I went to Swensen’s at Holland Village for the farewell party of some of my colleagues. A pharmacist is returning to Australia. One pharmacy assistant is returning to Malaysia and the other pharmacy assistant is furthering her career and moving onto another job. It’s a bit sad to see them go but to make things less sad, we had a this dinner to celebrate their time with NUH. It’s a bit of a shock that everyone is departing around the same time.

I had my trusty on-call laptop with me and of course get paged right before we ordered… asking how to dilute amphotericin B (Ampho-Terrible) and how fast to run over. But I guess a simple question like that is better than a supply question.

I treated myself to a steak sandwich served with criss-cut fries and cole slaw. The meat was a bit tough but the sourdough bread and fries were very nice.

After our main courses, we shared desserts. The hot banana crumble was SO good! But I was way too stuffed to finish all… the vanilla ice cream and the pastry bottom were the best! It comes out on a hot plate and the server pours the bananas and cream over it… sizzling hot!

The rest of the crew shared the “Earthquake”, 8 scoops of ice cream.

Not sure if it compares to Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco… I think their “Earthquake” is much bigger…

But we all had a good time and are not all too stuffed.

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