Oishi Pizza Take 2

Aiya, this week is gonna be crazy, I just know it.

So in Singapore, since hospital inpatient pharmacies are not open 24 hours, after-hours there is always one pharmaicst on-call for all types of inquiries (ie, supply questions, compatibility, dilution, etc). If you’re on-call, it’s for 7 days and Monday was my first day. I thought I’d get away easy because I went up until 10pm with no pages then I got a doozy of a page looking for a drug I had no idea was available at NUH or even in Singapore! It took few hours to resolve but lucky for me, the drug was available and the patient was able to start their first dose. I’m glad for the help I received from the senior staff.

I went to bed quite late then woke up early this morning to give a presentation to the pharmacists. I gave a adverse drug reaction (ADR) case presentation about rhabdomyolysis. We have these weekly presentations on Tuesday morning and everyone who attends and turns in the quiz gets CE credit. They are either journal clubs, ADRs, or disease/condition presentations given by physicians or pharmacists. Not that many people came this morning but I understand everyone is busy.

So I’m pooped today and Ron ordered pizza for home. We thought we’d try out Oishi Pizza again.

We tried the Chicken Ham & Shiitake pizza. The crust was a bit tough this time around, you had to chew a bit to make it manageable enough to swallow. This pizza was a bit sweet for me, had teriyaki sauce on it or something.

The second pizza we had was the Kimchee Chicken pizza. The kimchee was sour like it should be and the pizza had some sort of mayo like sauce on it that was a bit weird. same thing with the crust as the first one, a bit tough.

I still want to try the unagi pizza but if the crust is like this, maybe not…

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