Taste of a Fresh Peach

Day 195

Good morning!

Ron and Simon dropped by my work again today and we had lunch in the cafeteria. I had a peach for dessert and Simon seemed interested in it so I let him have a taste.

He proceeded to try to gnaw on it and slobber all over it and seemed to enjoy it.

Simon has started making funny sounds again, playing with his saliva and lips. Basically making raspberries which we think he picked up from Ron making funny sounds at him.

Daddy Ron does other funny things with Simon. Here he lets Simon smell his own feet and also lets him kick himself! It’s always amazing to me that Simon is so bendy.

We have been giving Simon bubble baths lately. He has a few floating toys that he splashes around with and plays until he is out of breath. He is getting used to having the water rain over his head with the shower head. He does some sputtering with his lips and blinking of his eyes and then gets frustrated and almost ready to cry but once we move the water away, he’s fine. When he learns how to hold his breath and close his eyes then I’m sure he’ll be fine with showers.

Here he is being dried off after bath time and getting ready for bed.

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