Day 196

Simon will toss and turn sometimes when he is trying to fall asleep so we have to watch him closely or else keep the stuffed animals and blankets away. In this case, he ended up covering himself up with his puppy playmat.

But he is fine underneath and breathing fine. Only thing is that he might wake up because he is too warm.

Ron filmed Simon’s new trick today. He has a dolphin on his exersaucer that can spin and makes noise with beads in it. Simon has learned how to make it spin around and around with his hand… plus he is trying to put it into his mouth.

For some reason Simon was in a really good mood this evening. He was laughing for no reason… or else he thought I was really funny looking. Check out his funny looking hair, it sort of looks like he has a comb-over. He has rubbed off his hair on the back of his head from tossing and turning so the hair is mostly growing on his sides and on top so he has dark patches in those areas and the hair is about 1-2 inches long. Ron would like to shave Simon’s hair off but I don’t think it would be very nice looking and winter is coming up so he’d be cold.

My funny baby.

1 thought on “Laughter

  1. tiff

    hahahaha~ what was simon laughing about? it was super cute! brought a smile to my face just watching him laugh for no reason~ ;D

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