Tea Party

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Simon is slowly getting the hang of independent play. He finished his breakfast before us this morning and wanted one of us to play with him in his kitchen but since we both were still eating, Ron suggested he have a tea party with his animals. Sitting with him are Foxy, Ziggy, and Kitty Kitty.

He is also been wanting to help around the house recently. One day he helped me fold laundry. Another day he helped me to dust. Today he helped to vacuum. Next will be mopping the floor (he has his own mini mop) and loading the dishwasher!

As a special treat, Simon went to watch Turbo with Ron and the neighbor’s grandson. Simon loves popcorn!

Iris is constantly trying to suck on her thumb. I know you’re not supposed to suppress their desire to suck as it is comforting to babies but I prefer she suck on a pacifier because at least that is removable whereas your thumb is always accessible so will be hard to wean off later. I was unsuccessful in transitioning her to a pacifier today. She keeps on pushing it out with her tongue. So far, she hasn’t quite got the hang of putting her entire thumb in her mouth but just enough to satisfy her for comfort to rest.

While Ron and Simon went out to the movie, Iris and I met up with Tiffany and Zoey for shopping and lunch. We ate at Boudin in Broadway Plaza Walnut Creek and I had their soup and salad combo: clam chowder in a bread bowl and BBQ chicken salad.

Adorable little Zoey pretending to cradle a baby by putting her hands on top of one another. Iris looks like she has a little Mohawk. She was mistaken for a boy two times today 🙁 maybe because of the hair? But thank you Tiffany for the “tooth” consult. She confirmed that little white spot in Iris’ mouth is likely a dental lamina cyst and should fall out on its own. It’s in the wrong position to be her first tooth but she could be teething except you can’t see anything coming out yet. Might be time to start wearing bibs to combat the drooling.

Today was a good outing with Iris. She didn’t fuss as much as she usually does in her carseat. She drank from the bottle without much protest. Her tummy seemed better today with no accidents while we were out and about. She quickly fell asleep in the car without crying. But I think she did not get enough sleep as she kept on waking up as I transferred her from car to stroller or car to home. She is a light sleeper during the day. Probably because she gets a pretty good night’s sleep. I can’t believe how big she is getting.


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