Why Do You Tease Me?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Iris really likes her Hello Kitty rattle. When she hears it, she will turn towards the sound. She can’t reach up to it yet but looks inquisitively at it wondering why it stops or moves suddenly? Such a tease!

Simon’s nose is healing well. The scab is already off but we are still putting antibiotic ointment on with a bandage to keep it from scarring.

Simon was quite the fussy boy today and we almost didn’t go swimming because he was acting out. He was screaming in the house, pulling my hair and clothes, did not nap, peed in his underwear, running into me really hard… But he loves swim class so much and almost always has a great time.

Although the teacher gave him timeout today, he eagerly waited to be let back into the pool. This group of teachers are more strict which is probably better for Simon because then he listens more.

Check out Iris’ chubby arm!


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