Thanksgiving Potluck

So I’ve been baking quite a bit lately. I borrowed this great cookbook from my friends that’s written by the owner of Tartine Bakery in SF. I’ve never been there but their recipes are very good.

So far I’ve made pumpkin tea cake and shortbread. I also baked this chocolate madeleines from the October Martha Stewart Living magazine along with Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats.

So at work we had the pharmacy dept Thanksgiving potluck and I said I would bring “finger foods” so I didn’t really know what to make. I didn’t just want to make a dessert so decided on something savory and something sweet.

These are the sesame cheese onion mini muffins. Not quite salty enough since I substituted the recommended cheddar cheese for smoked gouda instead, less intense flavors.

Then I also decided to make mango buttermilk scones. These tasted really good right out of the oven when the bottoms and sides were still really crispy. I think they taste better microwaved a bit or else toasted again lightly. I substituted mangoes for currants in this recipe.

We had a lot of food today: Honey Baked ham, mac ‘n’ cheese, pear candied walnut salad, fried rice, fried chicken legs, veggie platter with spinach dip, pumpkin pie, flan, etc… so stuffed but so yummy!

Can’t wait for Thanksgiving with the family on Thursday… looking forward to a 4-day weekend!

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