Ah, a good eating weekend.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Ron’s parents’ home in Millbrae. My family came and also some of our “homeless” friends so we had a pretty big group.

Ron did quite a bit of the food preparation on Thanksgiving day but thank goodness Ron’s mom did most of the grocery shopping the few days before.

He prepared ribs and a beef roast.

Our friends brought over the turkey fryer. It took about an hour to cook our ~15 lb turkey.

While the cooking was still being done, we just hung out and play Wii. We got the new game Raving Rabbids TV Party. It’s a pretty fun game but your arms would be very tired after playing for too long.

Our beef roast.

Our Coca-Cola spicy ribs.

Our deep fried turkey. Yummy and juicy!

Pork tempura.

Marinated cucumbers. One of Ron’s mom’s best dishes.

I prepared these lemon tarts for dessert. I used Splenda to make the crust and part of the lemon cream. The Splenda gave the crust a very dry texture so I don’t think I’ll be doing that again.

Our big dinner party ready to eat!

After dinner Texas Hold’em game.

Enjoying a cup of tea after a big meal.

I miss living in a home to host a Thanksgiving but at least it’s good our parents will let us use their homes 🙂

Can’t wait to use my turkey bones to make porridge!

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