Thanksgiving with family

So we spent Thanksgiving dinner with my parents in San Ramon. Our contribution to the evening was a pumpkin cheesecake from Zanze’s. It was so delicious, much better than pumpkin pie or a pumpkin cheesecake. My mom also cooked up a ham, a rib roast, Chinese sticky rice, and green beans. We also brought mashed potatoes and my brother brought Caeser salad and chocolate chip cookies.

After dinner, we rested in front of the TV and played with the dogs. My dad found out that Buddy is actually a Bichon Frise and not a poodle. Apparently his former owners gave him up not because they were just tired of him but because someone in their family became ill so they couldn’t find the time to take care of him, almost the same thing I guess. He would only be fed once a day and no one really wanted to walk him or play with him so he’d be stuck in the garage. Such a sad thought. He’s really friendly and playful but still has to learn some manners, he tends to bite or try to nip you while playing and doesn’t know how to sit still. He’s also quite needy because he will whine when my dad leaves the room and go a bit crazy trying to find my dad. After only a week and half, he’s already very attached to my dad. Both dogs are vying for his attention.

Buddy is so cute, I’d take him home if I could. It seems like Happy and Buddy will get along eventually but actually Buddy is quite the butthead, he’s like our cat Misu who is very curious and acts like a dumb oaf and tries to be super friendly. Happy doesn’t like Buddy invading her personal space. It’s a good thing they’re about the same size so can’t really hurt each other. They are slowly learning to tolerate each other.

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