Week 26 Check-up

I had a check-up this morning and the NP told me I’m gaining too much weight… not good. My regular NP called in sick this morning and I must say, I’m impressed that Kaiser gave me a call in the morning to let me know and was able to schedule me in with another NP. But my point is that the scale I was weighed on was different than the one I usually get weighed on so I blame that partially for my recorded 9 lb (!) weight gain in the last month. But according to my scale at home, I’ve only gained about 6 lbs since my last appt…

Oh well, so more walking and smaller meals for me. With the holidays it’s going to be hard to cut down on sweets and baked goods but must have will power because I don’t want to have to try to lose too much excess weight.

Baby is kicking a bit more vigorously these days, usually after I eat and especially if I’ve had something warm or spicy. We’ve been thinking up some names but didn’t realize it’d be so hard.

I’ll try to post some pictures soon, apparently I’m really starting to show because people are giving up their seats for me on the bus. I still get the occasional dirty look by older ladies and men because I sit with my bag on my lap so it hides my stomach but I’d rather have that than keep my bag on the ground, who knows what’s been on the floor of a Muni bus.

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