The Leaning Tower of Pisa then to Venice (Venezia)

We had breakfast at our hotel this morning before returning our scooter and heading to the Uffizi to see some Italian works of art. We weren’t allowed to take photos of the art so can’t share them with you but I think our favorite part were the sculptures lining the halls. We tried to guess who they were and were only partially successful.

Afterwards we took a train to Pisa. It costs 5.6 Euros per person and took about 1.5 hours. When we arrived, we had lunch… Pizza in Pisa! Haha, I know, corny. They also had Duff Beer, we didn’t know this was an actual beer.

We went to take the usual pictures of the Leaning Tower. There were so many people there taking pictures it was hard to get a good shot. They weren’t just taking one picture, but many many different shots. This one couple was taking pictures of the guy holding up the tower with his back, pushing it with his hands, etc. The lady also wouldn’t give up and took at least 20 shots and after each shot, she would go check out the picture and take another one. Unbelievable. They also kept on getting in the way of our picture! Sigh.

Afterwards we took the train back to Florence as there wasn’t much else to see and we didn’t want to go up the tower. We still had to book a hotel in Venice so went to do that before buying some Chinese food for our train ride. It was a bit strange, I had curry noodles and Ron had sweet and sour pork. It wasn’t fully Chinese flavor but okay.

We arrived in Venice around 10pm then still had to take another train to get to our final destination, Venezia S.L. We took the autobus to the Accademia station since our hotel was supposed to be there. We didn’t know where to buy tickets for the autobus so just got on. It was late anyways so the ticket booths were closed. The streets were a bit hard to follow but we eventually found our hotel but then the guy made us walk to their “sister” hotel farther away which was a big room that had a bed and fold-out bed but there was no internet so we’re going to ask them to switch rooms tomorrow.

If you can’t see the slideshow above, click HERE.

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