The Sweater All Moms Need

August 13, 2011

Simon learning the Hokey Pokey!

We went out to dinner with Grandma Chung. Simon was really well behaved during dinner. He drank his own cup of water (although did stick his spoon in it to play with the ice), he ate the bread, he had some prime rib, he ate some corn, he didn’t fuss until the very end.

He fussed likely because he was feeling uncomfortable in his booster chair… because he pooped and it was leaking out of his diaper. I didn’t realize until I went to take him to the restroom to have him wash his hands since he said he was finished eating. Then I noticed the smell and something sticky on his pants and shirt. So I had my first experience in cleaning Simon in the bathroom sink. He was standing naked on the bathroom counter while I was wiping him down with baby wipes and paper towels. The hostess walks in and gives a little giggle. At least he didn’t squirm too much and didn’t pee on me. Then of all days, I didn’t pack an extra set of clothes. I have a set in my car but we didn’t drive my car today. So lucky for me, I had my thin wraparound sweater (kind of like this). I was able to roll up the sleeves then wrap it behind and back to the front.

If I didn’t have this sweater, he would have only been in a diaper. This way we were able to sit through the rest of the evening without too much embarrassment. Next time, we’ll always bring another set of clothes in the diaper bag.

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