Squatting and Scooting

August 14, 2011

Today we went shopping. We stopped first at Costco and Simon almost had a meltdown. He didn’t want to sit in the shopping cart. We tried pointing out that another kid was quietly sitting in it and then trying to convince him by saying he needed to sit if he wanted to go shopping. Finally we decided I should go in first and Simon would probably want to follow. Well it took him a while to finally calm down enough. Ron said he tried a few more time outside of Costco to get him to sit in the shopping cart but Simon kept on refusing. Eventually Ron decided to take Simon to the car and as they got to the car, Ron asked him if he wanted to go inside to see mommy and if so, he had to sit in the shopping cart… then he finally agreed at that point. Not sure what made him change his mind but I guess kids are that way. He’s still being a mommy monkey these days, whenever I disappear from his sight, I can hear him calling out for me and he’s always really excited to see me come home from work. It melts my heart each time.

We also stopped by Babies R Us since we’re looking for a 2-step step stool for him so that he can reach the sink to brush his teeth and/or wash his hands. Although we were unsuccessful at finding it at BRU, Simon at least got to take a car ride with Elmo and Zoe again. He was almost ready for his nap so he looks kind of zoned out in this picture.

Anyone know where we can find that type of step stool? We also stopped yesterday at the new buybuy BABY store in Pleasant Hill but they don’t have any of them in stock. Side note: If you are expecting and have a buybuy BABY near you, I would choose this over BRU for my baby registry. It’s related to Bed Bath & Beyond so looks exactly like a BBB, except all products are for babies! The stroller collection is pretty amazing. I may have to order the step stool online or else we’re thinking of just getting the metal frame foldable type.

After his afternoon nap, we went outside to play in the pool. This time I joined him and I don’t know how he can stand playing in that cold water on cold days. Brr! At least it was pretty warm outside today. He was really energetic all evening and stayed up until 9:30pm tonight. Before bedtime, he was still being a busy body and showing off how he can squat and scoot along.

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  1. Tiff

    I’ve see a cute kid-sized 2-step thing at ikea before…I think that’s where Sabrina got hers for the girl’s bathroom.

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