The Cheese Prata Shop on Clementi

Ron wanted to eat at a place close to home rather than going all the way out for Friday Foody. We pass by this Cheese Prata Shop on the way to Joyce’s condo so I thought it might be interesting to try. It’s open 24 hours and I read online that they make a good cheese prata.

We ordered quite a lot but it was only $20 and we came home pretty full. The only complaint I have is that it’s hard to get to unless you take the bus. It’s good for midnight munchies as it is open 24 hours so I can see why students go there. There are other restaurants next door that also seem interesting.

So we tried the mutton murtabak, which I found a little dry. It came with sauce which made it better but the minced meat seemed a bit overcooked. It was nice though that it didn’t have the “gamey” taste that I usually have a problem with in lamb.

Inside there were lots of onions.

We tried the banana cheese prata which was good except there wasn’t much cheese in it. I like the light syrup on top, not too overpowering.

We had the Roti John which is French bread filled with some egg and vegetables and served with a sweet chili sauce.

We ordered the maggi goreng pattaya. I found it on this person’s blog and it sounded pretty good. It’s similar to the Japanese yakisoba wrapped in an omelette except they use Maggi instant noodles.


I tried one of their “special” drinks, this is called a “tehcino”.. basically teh tarik with some foam like a cappuccino.

Yes we ate a lot… and it was very filling. I’m not sure if we’ll go there again because like I said, it’s not to easy to get there unless you’re patient with the bus… or willing to pay for a taxi.

Sorry the photos are a bit blurry… my camera phone doesn’t take very sharp pictures.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Bali… can’t wait to get pampered…

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